Warrington trades options on the S&P 500 futures contract primarily using spread strategies. This discretionary, short-term approach incorporates both fundamental and technical analysis to form a market opinion. Warrington uses a combination of options, primarily ratio put and call spreads to express short-term market views, generally looking forward 3-4 weeks.  The strategy has a proven track record of delivering consistent, non-correlated returns with a strong focus on risk management. The same option strategy has been traded continuously for the last 22 years by the founder and PM, Scott C. Kimple, and Mark Adams as the Asst. Portfolio Manager for the last 17 years.

  • Unique Strategy. Warrington trades options on the S&P 500 futures contracts primarily using proprietary spread strategies.
  • Experienced Team. Scott C. Kimple has over 31 years of trading experience and began managing Morgan Stanley client assets in 1997. Mark Adams joined Warrington in 2002.
  • Firm Track Record. Warrington has traded the same options spread strategy since 1997, and is uncorrelated to stock, bonds, and other alternative investments.
  • Risk Management. Risk protocol is predetermined at the onset of each trade, embedded in the trade formulation process and strictly enforced.
  • Institutional Pedigree. Warrington was incubated within Morgan Stanley and predecessor firms before spinning out in 2015.