Why Warrington

Warrington Asset Management, a registered commodity trading advisor, is an alternative asset manager advising both private hedge funds and separately managed accounts. We specialize in options-based investment strategies, with a focus on trading options on the S&P 500 Index futures. Warrington seeks to produce consistent, non-volatile, superior returns that are uncorrelated to stocks, bonds and other CTAs. Our clients include high net-worth individuals, registered investment advisors and their clients, family offices and institutional investors.

Warrington’s current options-based strategy was initially launched in 1997 by Scott C Kimple, Warrington’s founder and portfolio manager.
Mr. Kimple first began developing the strategy in 1991 while working for Stan Finney, a renowned options trader and innovator. Warrington’s proprietary investment process combines technical and fundamental analysis with stringent risk management protocols. Since 1997, Mr. Kimple has successfully traded the strategy through multiple extreme market environments with an emphasis on capital preservation